Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide (BPI)

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Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide (BPI)

Address: Unit 415, 147 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Phone: (08) 70094480

Toll free phone: 1800 609065


Number of Employees: 1 to 19

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About Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide (BPI)

Call BPI Adelaide to prepare your Dilapidation report, Building inspection report, strata inspection report, and various types of property inspection services like pest inspection, pool inspection, termite inspection etc. for all industrial and residential properties in Adelaide.

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Recommended by Lucas on Dec 2 2015

Austin came completely prepared for our pool safety inspection. Our gate needed repair but Austin had the parts ready to fix the small problem which saved us a repair fee and a second inspection fee. A highly recommended Pool Safety Inspector. Thanks Austin.

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